Resetting Your Body’s Check Engine Light

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Resiliency and stress management are both important topics for physical and mental wellness and have become ever more important as we continue to cope with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the globe communities experienced rapid shifts in their daily lives, socioeconomic status, relationships and impacts of separation, illness or deaths caused by COVID-19. People are resilient by design, but this pandemic has forced dramatic changes and intense increases in stress and/or trauma. Resiliency is an individualized capacity to cope and endure, but in the current state of our community our limits are tested and it is helpful to reassess our capacities and needs. This training will serve as method to do that self-assessment, learn how to better manage stress and enhance your resiliency moving forward.

This training will be offered virtually on December 7 and December 10. Disaster Behavioral Health Volunteers and Maine Responds Volunteers are able to attend at no charge. Learn more and register.