No-Notice Incidents: Trauma System Considerations
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Community-Wide Patient Distribution Considerations • Anticipate that your community’s daily goal of getting the right patient to the right place at the right time may be challenged in the immediate aftermath of a no-notice incident. • The majority of survivors … Read More

No-Notice Incidents: Family Assistance
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Family Assistance • Expect loved ones to show up looking for patients, even if those patients are not being cared for by your facility. One Las Vegas hospital had more than 500 family members arrive. • Designate a location away … Read More

No-Notice Incidents: Community Response and Media Management
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Security Implications • Maintain ingress and egress for emergency medical services (EMS) and others providing patient transport. Expect private transports. • Have default plans for campus protection and access controls when an incident of mass violence occurs including control of … Read More

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