Volunteer Deployment Forms & Resources
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  Maine Disaster Behavioral Health Volunteer Deployment Forms Family Assistance Care Plan Team Deployment Form List Deployment Information Initial Community Needs Assessment Deployment Check-in Form Disaster Behavioral Health Professional Pre-Deployment Go-bag Checklist Returning Home from a Disaster Assignment Checklist   … Read More

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  The mission of behavioral health disaster response is to assist individuals in coping with the immediate psychological aftermath of the disaster, mitigate additional stress and psychological harm, and to promote the development of resilience techniques and coping strategies that … Read More

The SAMHSA Behavioral Health Disaster Response App
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SAMHSA’s mobile application (app) helps behavioral health responders provide quality support to survivors. With the SAMHSA Disaster App, users can prepare for deployment by preloading useful resources to their mobile devices (e.g., treatment locator information) and share those resources with … Read More

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