Farm Emergency Preparedness Plan
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Provided by Iowa State University, this web page provides information, links, and checklists to help guide farm families through preparing for a disaster. Checklist items include learning what disasters or hazards are most likely to affect the community, keeping a … Read More

Planning and Partnerships: Coordinating Rural Resources for Emergency Preparedness and Response
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In this article in RHI Hub’s Rural Monitor newsletter, the author describes how rural communities can develop and draw on partnerships in planning, preparedness, and response to disasters and other emergencies. She provides several real-world examples of rural disaster planning … Read More

Rural Emergency Preparedness and Response
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Many rural areas have a shortage of services for physical and mental health, and this shortage only intensifies after a disaster. Funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Rural Health Information (RHI) Hub answers a variety of frequently … Read More

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