About the Team

Maine’s Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team (DBHRT) is a statewide team of trained volunteers who respond locally to help minimize the impact of disasters and public health emergencies. Volunteers can work within healthcare and school facilities, walking through neighborhoods, providing services to impacted family and friends at local reception centers and FEMA Services Centers.
Head shot of the program director Kathleen Wescott

Kathleen Wescott, LMFT-c, Program Director, Disaster Behavioral Health

Kathleen is part of the Maine CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) team and serves as the Director, Disaster Behavioral Health. Previously, she worked as a clinician for an Alaska Native tribe in a Southeast Alaska remote village. She loved the experience of learning about their native culture, language and dance.

Professional headshot of Jared McCannell Public Health Volunteer Coordinator at the Maine CDC

Jared McCannell, CVA, Public Health Volunteer Coordinator

Jared works at the Maine CDC Emergency Preparedness unit as the Public Health Volunteer Coordinator. As part of his role, Jared supports Maine Responds, the online registration system for public health, healthcare and emergency response volunteers for the State of Maine. He has worked in volunteer management since 2006. With experience at a number of nonprofit and community agencies throughout the U.S., he has designed and built volunteer programs serving people in a variety of ways, from arts and culture to social services. Before moving back to his home state of Maine, Jared was contracted to redesign a medical volunteer program that provides free corrective surgery for children with physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease.
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Featured Volunteers

  • Kathleen W., Management (Augusta)
  • Victoria W., Social Worker (Bath)
  • Anne O., Social Worker (Clinton)
  • Robert C., Mental Health Counselor (Cumberland Foreside)
  • Robert P. (Farmington)
  • Melanie S, General Human Services (Lewsiton)
  • Lynne M., Behavioral Health Professional (Madison)
  • Amy T., Social Worker (Manchester)
  • Anne B., Social Worker (New Gloucester)
  • Solomon Y., Mental Health Counselor (Scarborough)
  • Ruth J., Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorders Counselor (Searport)
  • Jacquelyn D., Social Worker (Trenton)
  • Kimberly M., Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorders Counselor (Waterville)
  • Tiffany M. (Wilton)
  • Marylena C. Mental Health Counselor (Wilton)
  • Phyllis W., Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorders Counselor (Windham)
  • Joanne L., EMT (Winthrop)
  • Mark A., Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorders Counselor (Winthrop)

If you’re a Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team (DBHRT) team member and don’t see your name listed above, please go to www.MaineResponds.org and register today.